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Internet is the great place, where everyone can meet his/her happiness. is great online dating platform from all over the world can meet wonderful Ukrainian beauties for serious relationships. Ukrainian ladies are really special, they are famous not only by their beauty, but also by good hearts and kind character. Girls are special, there are glamorous blondes, there are bitch. Let's look at the most common types of girls, and let's see what the distinguishing features of these women are.

Blondes. A very common type of girls who are heroines of all kinds of anecdotes and comedies. The first feature that catches your eye is love for everything pink and shiny. Blondes are well-groomed. Hairstyle and manicure should be perfect, a blouse - bought a week ago on a fashion sale, a handbag - miniature, to fit only mobile with rhinestones, through which they endlessly chat with their girlfriends. In general, girls of this type are very nice, perfectly suited to appear with them at parties. They love sex! Often, a pretty appearance hides a good intellect, so that communication with them can be fun.

Bitches for life. Girls of this type always make sure that everything is at their will, and under their control. Conspiracies, gossip, intrigues are all their business. They will not tolerate competitors who seem more beautiful, smarter or more successful than others. They will do anything to get what they want, whether they are a prestigious place to work, an enviable groom or a lot of money. Far not every man can endure their bitchiness. However, it's interesting to communicate with them, and society will not have to blush, because women of this type take their image very seriously.

Helpmates. Perhaps, one of the best types for a serious relationship. Girls of this type are intelligent, educated, very talented. They have the ability to understand you from a half-word. They are always there if you need help. Appearance is quite common, because they are not obsessed with outfits and cosmetics. But at the right moment they can turn into real beauties. Often such women are not only friends, but also partners in life, because only they, like no one else, can be trusted by a man with the most important things.

Botanist. Girls of this type, we all know from books and movies. They are all the time portrayed as shy and awkward, who know a lot, but do not like hanging out and communicating with a large number of people. In life, there are often more "soft" versions of women who are well versed in style and beauty, are able to support the conversation, are able to enjoy the communication in the company of friends, but at the same time the best interlocutor for them is the book, they dream of building a scientific career and make some discovery. Femininity, in their own opinion, is not the most important of their quality.

"Cool". Girls of this type are very steep, capable of repelling anyone, brave, climb into various adventures. In clothing they prefer black, style - casual or metallic. Often they know a lot about technology, cars, racing on sports cars or on a motorcycle. Relationships with girls of this type are a continuous adventure and sex. It is unlikely that they will be able to sit home for more than one day. They will not tolerate the weakling.

Actress. Girls of this type constantly play some role. They can be deliberately mannered, trying to portray some famous literary or character movie, they easily change their mood depending on the role they play, they often change their image. With them it can be very fun, especially if you are fond of theater and also have acting skills. At heart they are very good and subtle people, with a developed sense of empathy. They love sex and romance.

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