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I was registered on the site for over two months, and the registration period was coming to an end. I was not hoping that I would meet my soul mate! But suddenly I started to correspond with one wonderful lady. I realized that I was very interested in that person. The only thing I was afraid of - this is what it would be in reality, and how we would communicate later. But in life everything was much better! And after few days of communication, I realized that I wanted to spend with this person all my life.

Our communication was really interesting, although I am very shy, I was writing to her all the time. In general, already during first month of dating, we realized that we could not live without each other. Four months later, we officially formed the family. Now we are very happy, and we know what we want from the life.

Nine months later, my wife gave the life to our son. Now he is 10 months old and we are the happiest family ever! Love one another and remember that there do not exist perfect person, each person has their own character. But everyone will meet the right person.

Actually now we live in Kherson, here I was born. By the way, I like traveling and often move to different places. But my wife on the contrary is a homebody. And in general, in many respects we are so different, we are from different worlds! But at the same time, from the very beginning we both had the feeling that we were real soul mates. It's like we've known each other for a long time! And despite the tough characters (both), we get along with each other and we are comfortable together.

But now I would like to tell couple of words about some important advice that I have read on the website. The tips about how to date with beautiful Kherson women were very helpful.

  1. The relation to the girl. It is important to be generous with sincere compliments, as women really love with their ears. During the corresponding it is necessary to show that you are serious about relationship and that you are an ideal family man. Also members of the agency recommended to share with the girls that you are faithful, loved children and every evening are ready to rush home for a family dinner.
  2. It is important not to forget to listen to the interlocutor! Expressed interest in the girl, ask her a few simple questions. Allow the lady to show off her talents in front of you, she will be pleased with herself and you.
  3. For a new love, or the development of relations is better to find some joint activities, such as dancing. Remember, that to invite a lady to dance is still very romantic!
  4. In order to make a positive impression on girl try at the right moment to show off your intelligence. To this end, it is not necessary to meddle in any conversation, it would be enough to say a few appropriate phrases at certain times, and then the girl will appreciate your intelligence.
  5. Do not forget that your interlocutor is also confused because of new a acquaintance and the first date. It means that you are equal!

Maintain all her beginnings. Try to not only listen to the girl carefully, but also to actively support the decisions taken by her. For example, if your beloved woman has decided to change job - show your support and understanding, and believe me, it will be appreciated. She will like you to take an active part in her life.

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