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Kherson city is one of the great destinations in Ukraine. This area is not only famous for its water melons, but also beautiful women and certain openness and hospitality of the local folk. You will for sure like it in Kherson. The city is rather modern, but don’t plan on seeing European style life and buildings, they are not many here. The city has mostly Soviet look with modern shops, boutiques, beauty salons, etc. It is worthwhile mentioning that the city develops rather fast.

Kherson is situated in the Southern part of Ukraine. The city represents the administrative center of Kherson province and is a separate region in the province. Kherson is a port of great importance on the Black Sea. It is also a home to ship-building industry that is major in Ukraine. The current population amount exceeds 350 000 people.

The region that city occupies these days belonged to the Crimean Khante until 1774. It was Potemkin who founded Kherson in 1778 on the order of Catherine the Great. General Ivan Gannibal was the supervisor when the city was being built. The name of the city comes from Chersonesos – a Greek colony located in Crimea that was founded over 2500 years ago. The Church of St. Catherine was one of the first Kherson buildings. Famous Potemkin was buried there.

The ethnicities residing on the territory of Kherson are: Ukrainians – 76.6%, Russians – 10%, other ethnicities constitute 3.4% of the total population.

Kherson is divided in three city districts, known as ‘raions’: Dnipro Raion (named after Dnieper River), Suvorov Raion (named in honor of Russian General Suvorov) and Komsomol Raion (named after Komsomol – the Russian Communist organization of youth).

Kherson is connected to Kiev and Lviv by the railway.

Education plays a great role in life of Kherson residents. It is a city that attracts students as it is a home to many Ukrainain universities: Kherson National Technical University, Kherson State University, Kherson State Agrarian University, International University of Business and Law and many others.

The main sights of the city are represented by:

The Church of St. Catherine that was built in 1780s and contains Potemkin’s tomb; Jewish cemetery – a large Jewish community was created in Kherson in mid of the 17th century. Till 1990 no synagogue existed in Kherson.

Kherson TV Tower that is a famous construction of the city. Another great architectural masterpiece is Adzigol Lighthouse designed by Shukhov in 1911.

Many famous people where born and grew up in Kherson, among them are: political scientist –Georgy Arbatov; film director, script-writer and actor – Sergei Bondarchuk; the second Prime Minister of Israel – Moshe Sharett; the founder of Kherson – Alexander Suvorov, ex-Prime Minister of Bulgaria – Sergei Stanishev; Ukrainian actor of the Soviet epoch – Nikolai Grinko; sci-fi writer – Mikhail Yemtsev and many others.

Kherson is a city of rich cultural and historical heritage with deep moral traditions that are reflected in its present population, including its gorgeous Kherson women!

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